Bozhidar Hadzhiev

UI/UX Designer who wants to make quality designs and bring value to his clients.

Previous work projects i’ve done either for school, clients or personal
These are the courses i have finished at this point, and more are coming soon. I'm a person which never stops to persue new knowedge and skills. I belive that we should learn something new every single day and try to become better in what we love to do.
Design Basics
SoftUni September 2022 6.00/6.00
Adobe Illustrator
SoftUni November 2022 6.00/6.00
UX Design
SoftUni January 2023 6.00/6.00
UI Design
SoftUni February 2023 5.96/6.00
Adobe Photoshop
SoftUni March 2023 6.00/6.00
Webflow 101
Webflow University April 2023
Adobe After Effects
SoftUni July 2023 6.00/6.00
Adobe InDesign
SoftUni August 2023 ???/6.00

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